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UV-C Lighting:  Light as a disinfectant

UV-C Lighting Design, Clarity Lighting

UV-C lighting solutions can offer a safe and effective way to stop the spread of airborne viruses such as Covid-19.

At Clarity Lighting we work with you to help you understand how UV-C lighting can be utilised to combat Covid19 and other viruses.
We have the technical expertise to help de-mystify the uncertainty surrounding the use of Ultra-Violet light as an active air disinfectant to help eradicate Covid19 and other airborne viruses.

UV-C Lighting can help inactivate 99.9% of Covid19 and other airborne viruses

Covid19 Lighting, Clarity Lighting

At Clarity Lighting we work with our clients to help them understand UV-C lighting technology available to them within their estates and use our expertise and impartiality to assess the best solution for their needs.

We support your business by assessing your infrastructure and identifying opportunities for the implementation of UV-C lighting.

Clarity work with leading market experts to utilise the latest in modern lighting technology to combat the spread of airborne pathogens and viruses.

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UV-C Lighting Design, Clarity Lighting

UV-C Lighting Applications


UV-C disinfectant lighting can be used in retail applications to ensure your retail estate is safe for consumers. 

Applications can include sanitising of shopping trolleys, fresh food/meat counters, all via integrated lighting solutions.

Lighting as a disinfectant is very cost effective and easy to apply to trading stores. 


Lighting can be used effectively in Industrial applications by integrating high level UV-C lighting to safely and effectively disinfect the active areas of a warehouse.

This can be used in single point of entry disinfectant stations or applied as a total solution for the entirety of a logistics solution.


UV-C lighting can be utilised to disinfect all and any areas of a working hospital. From entrance areas, emergency zones, patient rooms and treatment rooms. 

There are huge opportunities to utilise light as a disinfectant source within the hospital sectors, all by simple integrated lighting solutions.


With the ever changing office environment and remit to work from home, the office space is essential for all big business to ensure they have a safe environment for their staff.

Light as a disinfectant can be used to ensure all working surfaces,  office areas, meeting rooms and canteens are virus free to stop the spread of Covid and other airborne pathogens. 


With the changing face of the school environment and the impact it has on our children and their ability to learn, UV-C lighting can be harnessed within the school environment to ensure classrooms, desks and all surfaces children come in contact with are disinfected.

This can be a game-changer for the education sector via
simple lighting to create a safe environment for our children.

How we work

At Clarity Lighting we will work with you to develop UV-C lighting solutions that use the latest in  modern technology to fight against the spread of viruses and airborne pathogens.


We are an independent consultancy who specialise in working with end users to use light as a tool to help protect your businesses and customers against the spread of Covid-19.

Please get in touch below and we welcome all enquiries.

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