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Retail Lighting Solutions

Over 20 years knowledge working with large corporate retailers delivering LED lighting and energy saving solutions.

We have the expertise to work with you and assess your lighting needs and develop a design specification portfolio to suit your requirements.  

From top line energy saving reporting, through to site reviews and capital value engineering, we align the lighting needs of our clients with the design and capital driven solution to ensure the optimum return on investment.

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Clarity Lighting: Retail
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Clarity Lighting: Retail

Professional Services

Drawing on experience from large roll-outs through to individual store concepts, we can work with you to analyse your lighting infrastructure and determine the best design, energy savings and capital solution. 

We are experts is using light to enhance the selling space within a retail stores environment. Not only will we help create a beautiful ambience to your retail space, we will also ensure energy efficient LED lighting is utilised throughout to maximise your return on investment.

Bouncing Light Balls
Retail Lighting Design, Clarity Lighting

Commercial Analysis

We have the know-how to work with you and determine the most suitable lighting requirements for your needs. We work independently to assess the best design and approach for your store or estate and can create C-suite level reports and documentation to aid your lighting solutions.

At Clarity Lighting we work collaboratively with you and your team to engage and develop LED lighting solutions that are the best fit for your estate. With extensive knowledge of lighting as well as installation and design, we ensure that you receive the best holistic solution within your budget requirements.

We will do the hard work on your behalf to ensure you get the best looking store and customer engagement.

We have vast experience working with the UK's largest corporate retailers, delivering lighting and energy saving solutions. 

  • C-suite level summary reporting.

  • Capital summaries and actions.

  • Energy analysis ServicesCarbon footprint.

  • Project and tender management.

  • Smart Lighting.

Lighting Estate Analysis

We understand that large retailers have complex and different sized estates, making a one-size-fits-all lighting design scheme very difficult.

​We collaborate with your teams to develop holistic design guides that ensure design consistency and look and feel of a store is maintained throughout for brand consistency.

We can be your feet on the ground to ensure your business is up to date with new lighting concepts and smart technologies as well as energy and costing reductions and work with you to provide the best lighting solution for your requirements.

As an extension to your team, we help ensure your lighting requirements are aligned with all major stakeholders within a project.

From project management, supplier selection,

tender management and product value engineering, we can support your business in real time installation projects.


​Energy analysis, return on investment, feasibility studies and cap-ex reporting are services we can support and offer for a full visibility of your estates lighting remit.

Retail Lighting Design, Clarity Lighting
Retail Lighting Design, Clarity Lighting

Retail Lighting Design

Having worked alongside many of the major UK retail brands, we have a great understanding of how to enhance your store through the use of light.

We have the expertise to ensure lighting design for the relevant regulations, but will more importantly make sure the lit effect is right for your environment. Layered lighting through ambient, task and accent lighting ensures your store looks good whilst accentuating your key areas of sale.

We are an independent consultants and have great contacts with all the major lighting suppliers to ensure you get the best fit for your estate. We will work with you to ensure the design is right, but also have the commercial acumen to help drive increased margins and capital savings for you.

From ensuring the correct colour temperature is utilised for food through to optic control of accenting a fashion stores point of display, we will work alongside your teams to develop and build a detailed lighting design concept that works in a real time installation.

Lighting Plans, 3D Renders
and Visualisations

Not only can we help with the design and specification of a lighting system for your estate, we also have the technical knowledge and experience to translate that into real time lighting layouts. We have extensive experience with lighting retailers to ensure the best lighting solution is specified as well as the best cost effective solution.


Clarity lighting can also provide detailed 3D lighting renders to ensure the best lighting levels are maintained whilst helping key sale areas to “pop”. These are great for top-line presentations to show the look and feel of a stores lighting design and help to show the overall design concepts to corporate stakeholders.

Retail Lighting Design, Clarity Lighting

How we work

At Clarity Lighting we will work with you and your team to develop lighting solutions that are the best fit for your estate. With extensive knowledge of lighting as well as installation and design, we ensure that you receive the best energy efficient scheme at the most competitive price.

Please get in touch below, and we welcome all enquiries.

Retail Lighting Design, Clarity Lighting

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