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Lighting Design Consultants

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Clarity Lighting: Retail Lighting
Clarity Lighting: Industrial Lighting
Clarity Lighting: Industrial Lighting
Clarity Lighting: Industrial Lighting
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Clarity Lighting: Industrial Lighting
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Clarity Lighting: Retail Lighting
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Clarity Lighting: Retail Lighting
Clarity Lighting: Retail Lighting
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With over 20 years experience in the lighting industry, we are independent lighting specialists working in the retail and industrial sectors.

Working collaboratively with high street retailers and industrial organisations to develop holistic lighting solutions that reduce capital expenditure and energy consumption within your estates.

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Retail lighting, Clarity Lighting

Retail Lighting

Retail Lighting solutions and commercial analysis.

Clarity lighting offers a unique service for retailers. Drawing on experience from large roll-outs through to individual store concepts, we can work with you to analyse your lighting infrastructure and determine the best design and capital solution.

Lighting can help improve the customer experience and journey within a store and have a big impact in the overall basket spend of your consumers.

We work with end user retailers to develop lighting solutions that provide great lighting within an energy efficient cost effective scheme.

  • Full design, management, stakeholder engagement and commercial cap-ex overview.

  • Experienced in large retail roll-outs and energy analysis.

  • Retail food, High St fashion and independents.

  • Customer Engagement.

  • Energy assessments and return on investment analysis.

Industrial Lighting

At Clarity Lighting we work with you to deliver energy efficient LED lighting solutions for Industrial applications.

From large distribution centres to small warehouses, we have the expertise to assess your infrastructure and requirements and help implement smart energy saving lighting technology.

We are Industrial Lighting experts delivering lighting schemes for new build distribution centres and warehouses.

Helping end users reduce their overall operating costs and energy consumptions through the implementation of LED lighting. 

  • Full return on investment analysis.

  • Detailed lighting audits.

  • Lighting design, layout and specifications.

  • Energy consumption: Carbon footprint
  • Full commercial overview.

  • New build and retro-fit upgrades.

  • Lighting Controls (Smart).

Industry lighting, Clarity Lighting

Areas of Expertise

Retail and Industry Lighting Specialists

Over 16 years knowledge working with large corporate and end users delivering lighting and energy saving solutions. 

We have the know-how to work with you and determine the best lighting solution for your needs. We work independently to assess the best lighting solution for your estate and create C-suite level reports and documentation to aid your lighting solutions.

We work with you to develop a holistic design concept to improve the customer experience within a store and to specific budget requirements.

  • Return on investment analysis.

  • Tender management.

  • Project management.

  • UV-C Light as a disinfectant.

lighting design, Clarity Lighting
Commercial lighting, Clarity Lighting

Commercial Analysis

Independent experts to provide a tailored estate review and analysis of all lighting requirements.

From new build to refit projects, we have the knowledge to ensure you get the best lighting solution for your stores.

  • Energy Analysis Services.

  • Site visits and analysis.

  • C-suite level summary reporting.

  • Capital summaries and actions.

  • Feasibility Studies.

Lighting Design and Specification

We have the expertise to analyse and develop the most cost effective lighting solution for your needs.

We are an impartial consultants and have access to all the major lighting manufacturers to ensure you get the best capital return for your investment.

  • Lighting Specification and costs

  • Lighting design

  • Large to small stores undertaken

  • Roll-out management and pricing

  • Value engineering of existing incumbent schemes

lighting design, Clarity Lighting
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Professional lighting solutions,
energy analysis, and capital payback

Clarity Lighting

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